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::::::Millennia Project : from idea to completion

. Nonami and Arkan are not alone in their fight.they will also be accompanied by Qarma, an Egandromid( a cat-humanoid with a samurai-like fighting style), Phaelin, his adopted human daughter and possible love interest of Arkan. Meexa, a three eyed, boycrazed spell caster, Byzane, an Android Bounty hunter with a one track mind, and a love for heavy artillery, and Aile , a total psycho who has to be controlled telepathically by her brother Ollie

"Each of the characters have a specific goal of why they're with Arkan and Nonami." says Co-creator Nelson Whitaker. Byzane wants answers to why the galaxy is the way it is. Meexa needs help protecting the Zelnisse, The ancient alien race of Essence users (Escers). Aile and Ollie escaped from prison and are ducking the fuzz. We're hoping to break away from being like any
of the RPG franchises, while keeping things somewhat fresh and funny.

One of the major things noted about Millennia SOGD is it's unique character design. Character designer, Arvelle Whitaker and enviornment designer Bruce Lee Aquino say: "I admit the character designs have things on their costumes or bodies that noone else would probably ever think of." From "triangular hair" to long tendrils protruding from the head, The characters themselves do look as if they were from a galaxy far far away.

What is the goal of Millennia and BFM you might ask? Brian Bridgeforth of BFM's parent studio Dynamic Planet says "The beauty of this project and many other ones is that we can take these ideas and use them in as many concepts as possible" BFM uses this method to prove they are serious about their jobs, and that they can handle any project that is thrown at them ---

Millennia: Secrets of the Great Darkness
Completed: November 2002