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:::Millennia Project: from idea to completion

It seems that all is not well in the galaxy. Pirate,Arkan Zia has returned to his home planet ,Rono, Only to find that his friends and family have been Killed in a mysterious raid

Confronting one of the raiders he finds out that the person behind this is a man named Xece. Xece travels the universe looking for the means to return to the one place he can't. The afterlife, also known as The Essence stream. . These two men will travel the galaxy searching for the one thing that will both grant them what they desire most. The ancient weapon known only as "Millennia"

Blaquefeather Media has been working on this RPG game concept for the last year and has had the pleasure of unvieling it at Nekocon V in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

"Sure it's a story about revenge" says series creator, and game co-producer, LeWayne Jones , "But theres much more to it as well." The story also features a young woman named Nonami who is sent back from The Essence Stream in an android body to stop Xece. Continued on next page..
Millennia: Secrets of the Great Darkness
Completed: November 2002